Sunday, 18 November 2007

Life, The Universe And Everything

Dwelling In Dreams

This night I dreamed two dreams and mysteriously am able to remember both.
Both of them were a kind of Horror Movie/Adventure.

The Rocky Island / All Alone

In the first one I let myself hire for some mysterious experiment. There was a U-shaped big rock in middle of a great sea, which was steep and unclimbable, but in the center of the U, there was a smaller rock island of maybe 5x5 feet, where you could easily stand. The person who hired me said that he thinks, because of the special position, some strange forces might be experienced on this smaller rock. He told me to stay there one day and one night. After agreeing he brought me to said place with a little ship and promised to be back the next day.

I soon noticed that something wasn't right, it was an eerie feeling creeping up my limbs, but I could not yet tell, what was causing it. Sometime I would imagine seeing a hideous face in the waters, but it would vanish once I tried to fixate it with my eyes. At some point I started hearing voices, although I was not able to make out what they said, I did remember dreaming in earlier days about a voice asking for my help. And every time I heard the voice, I had to think about these dreams.

The problem was, even if I would be one of the best swimmers in the world, I doubt that I could have made it back by myself. I remember the U being in a very special position afar. So as a precaution of not getting mad, I did not bring a watch. However the stand of the sun was enough to adequately estimate the time. But it changed, depending on the angle I watched at it, or from what point of the island I would watch the sun would be at a different height. That is when I realized in horror that time might pass different on this little rock.

The voices became more intense and I started to see more and more of this strange creature, which's face I saw earlier. At this point my memory becomes blurry, all I remember is ever rising fear and terror creeping in my very bone. I would crouch in the center of the island wrapping myself in the blanket I brought for the night, not daring to see what's outside. It became worse and worse, this was the kind of horror you can only experience in dreams, when reality crumbles and the synapses in your brain start to intervene and let you experience things, you could not under ordinary circumstances.

But than at some point, quite surprising myself even now, I said: "There is no use in fear. I cannot run away. I must face what awaits me, if I want to survive". And the fear vanished, not at once but in great steps. And suddenly I was able to see clearly what the rock-island, the U, the voices and the things I saw was all about and how they would suddenly make sense.

And then I woke up.
However it was still the middle of the night.
I suddenly realized that the hot water cooker was still on and running.
I stood up turned it off and went back to sleep and had another dream.

The Cube Of Riddles

In this second encounter I was inside some ancient temple in some big hall hosting a great cube/altar shaped structure. The structure had countless possibilities of interactions, but the biggest part was made of key holes. However keys were missing altogether. After spending hours after hours studying the object and trying to understand its purpose and significance, I found two open able dashes with figures inside. The figure where the shape, we know from the depiction of gods in some cultures. After some more intense thinking I found the right two spots for these figures, I somehow knew they have to be placed there. And I was rewarded the first key. Having the key it was easy to find the correct key hole, and I unlocked it. But nothing happened.

I did not give up yet, but I soon realized that I won't be able to solve this all by myself. So I actually left the room for a while and traveled around the world asking friends to come with me to this ancient place and dare the riddle together with me. In the dream they all had a special kind of power, which I had not. My power was to influence things around me, without directly causing or changing anything. In other words, I could do everything a little and had little understanding of everything, but no particular strength. This was my power. My friends I found around the globe all had particular powers and skills, however almost no knowledge in all other areas.

So since I understood all of them a little, it was easy to coordinate them in solving the mystery of the cube. And indeed we were quickly able to recover a big host of keys and unlock countless locks of the structure. An important thing we realized, was that the structure was not stiff or fixed, but it changed, the more locks we opened. This gave us quite some trouble, since before such a change, we thought we finally figured out the rules the mechanism would work with. But after a change we had to give up on part of the carefully assembled rules and re think big parts of our theory. Some of my friends could not agree to that and hold on to the old rules and eventually gave up or stayed at the level of locks we were able to unlock with these rules.

Towards the end of my dream the structure changed more and more, but the keyholes would not become significantly fewer. However I remember that some of the keys were still in their holes and some of the locks remained unlocked permanently. At the very end I was all by myself again, everyone left more important matters (family, work, money) or passed away. The dream ended with my throwing all the rules we carefully assembled our whole life over board and found myself able to procure two more keys.

But the keys did not fit any key holes.
The I realized and woke up.

This time it was the morning and I could not continue sleeping or this dream.


Apart from being wonderful experiences and maybe the most entertaining dreams I had for quite a while, they also are fascinating and very interesting, if you try to analyze them.

The whole first stage/first dream is apparently all about facing one's fears and finding self-confidence. This path has to be walked all alone, there is no one to help you and no escape, only then, being all by yourself, you can truly overcome them. In all other cases sooner or later, you will run to friends, family or experts to comfort you. You will run back into the safety of so called civilization.
Also it tells you to not give in to prejudices and programmed objects of fear (strange voices, shapes, time passing differently) but to keep and open mind and let such things happen and see them for what they are, fascinating; and not for what people fear them, being in-understandable and new.

This first step seems inevitable for the second dream.
The second dream seems to be about unlocking some huge riddle/mystery.
The mystery of life and existence?
The mystery of our universe?
The mystery of ourselves?

It started with facing the mystery alone. Being only ourself, we seem to be able to unlock the first parts of the riddle. It even seems necessary, since those two elements were the only not consisting of keys, but figures. They might be personal or a necessary personal opening up to the riddles of life. This might mean for example to go through the world with open eyes and ears, being ready to perceive all the wonders that await us.

However apparently being only oneself at a fixed spot doesn't bring you ant further than that. For that in the dream I had to leave this spot, travel around the world and make new experiences, broadening my horizon. Also I made a lot of friends, apparently also interested in solving this riddle. Traveling the world could mean learning about what parts of the riddle have already been understood, or only how other people understood them.
So after (years?) of travel we would come back together to challenge it a new. With the knowledge we obtained and our combined force we are able to unlock many many riddles. However at some point we had to give up on parts of our rules and theories. This reminded me on history, when for example the image of a flat earth or the earth being the fixed center of the universe were given up; but also in physics when Albert Einstein dared to give up on until then eternally valid physical rules, writing them anew.

Some of my friends were not ready for this step and remained at what we have build up, not being able to proceed further into the cube. The others however were able to dig deeper and deeper, until finally they found other more important values and I was by myself again. Curiously enough being reduced to myself again, I again was able to dig further and procure two more keys (answers to riddles), but I did not find the key holes (questions).

I am not sure about this last part. If I had to assume something, I'd say there simply are things we did not even dare to ask question for, or aspects about everything that were never thought of. I am not sure.

solving the mysteries of life even when being asleep


P.S. I often had nightmares, which made me wake up screaming, and I often sense a fear deep inside me. This dream was the first tie, I was able to overcome it, even if it was only in dreams. This surprises me even now...

P.P.S. I'd be glad to hear your thoughts about the two dreams :)

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