Sunday, 16 December 2007

憎愛関係 Love-Hate Relationship

my thoughts after living in Japan for half a year....

憎愛関係 Love-Hate Relationship

Oh how I hate your simple-mindedness,
only looking around you and never afar
life is easy as long as all is the same
and of course you do what you're told.

Oh how I love your plain-friendliness,
always helping when around you help is needed,
loving peace and harmony all around you
and of course you're always polite to everyone.

Oh how I detest your organizedness,
every week at least one fruitless meeting,
the whole world a tight working schedule
and leaving the organization, unthinkable!

Oh how I embrace your fantasticness,
every year wond'ring anew of blossoms and colored leaves,
the whole world a place of magic wonders
and delving in fantastic worlds, routine!

I can neither hate nor love you,
once you showed your dark mask of apathy,
the next day you spin strings of golden compassion;
your whole existence, a paradox.

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