Saturday, 27 October 2007

Mystic Moon

A small addition to the Yamanote Train Party.

As I mentioned, the other interns stayed at home. They made their own little Halloween Party in the Common Room of our Youth Heim. When Hong Lun and I came back from Tokyo, we decided to pay the a short visit.

However only some hundred meters before our goal, I noticed something strange going on in the sky, and told Hong Lun to have a look. What we saw, was a really rapidly fast moving moon. It looked really beautiful and awesome and mysterious.
Yes, it was cloudy, but even considering moving clouds, it just looked so real. The moon didn't even stop when he left a field of cloud, it just kept on moving.

Naturally I stopped the next best Japanese walking on the street and asked them how they would explain this. They also first tried the clouds as an excuse, but soon just starred in awe for at least 10 minutes and then said: No it was not the clouds. Thank you for showing us this miracle. And then they went on.

Approaching the Youth Heim, we were already spotted by our friends who told us to come up. I said, you have to come out and watch this, the moon is moving in an abnormal speed. They also claimed it to be an optical illusion by the clouds, but still watched with us in awe.

Me and Pikachu agreed that yellow moons are awesome

After watching for another while we joined them inside and watched Evil Dead 3 (Army Of Darkness) together.

your luna-tic

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