Wednesday, 31 October 2007

A Little Halloween Story

I have already been to a Halloween party, but of course the real Halloween is today. And believe it or not, this morning I had a experience fitting this day as no other.

You have to know, that yesterday after someone told Hung Lun, that we saw his face on a Yamanote Halloween picture on YouTube, I also searched YouTube and Google for maybe finding myself there somewhere, but without success. So I went to bed. Especially concerning pictures, there is next to nothing on Google.

On the next day I stood up and turned my computer on. As always (Daily Routine) I checked my mail and afterwards the friend network pages, I got a profile at. Stopping at StudiVZ (a friend network page for people studying in Germany) I also checked a group for new messages. Every group on StudiVZ has one group picture. Now when I accessed the page, I foudn that the usual picture was replaced. Then I noticed that the new image displays a cut off from a Yamanote Halloween Train picture. And then I noticed the cut-off exactly contains me.


Ok maybe some glitch or something.
Reloaded the page. It was still there.
Checked where the picture was stored -> StudiVZ ImageServer.

Then I noticed what the group was about: It is a group to protest against surveillance and that the German government currently tries to mend law and constitution to be allowed secret internet access to every computer of German citizens. Apart from that the usual picture of the group looks like this.

It displays Schaeuble, German minister of security who is thinking of the things mentioned above. The caption reads I SEE YOU.
And exactly this image was replaced by an image only displaying me.


I became really scared and frightened and woke up my neighbour Hung Lun, to see if he would see the same picture.
He was very considerate and not very angry to have been woken up and we found out, that on his Laptop the groups image would show up normally.

Ok time to reconsider.

First I run Linux. That makes it currently really hard to get internet access to my HDD. Second The computer and even the internet was turned off during the night. So I don't think it was an outside attack.
On the other hand did I not access any pictures of the Halloween party on my Laptop (as I said Google didn't come up with pictures) and the pictures you see in my blog were uploaded from the Laptop at my workplace, where the pictures were also uploaded from the camera and are currently stored. So there is just no way, this picture would be in the cache of this Laptop (I didn't load my Blog on my home Laptop, after uploading ) the pictures.
After some research I found that the cut-off indeed originates from one of Hung Lun's pictures, which I did not notice until now would display me in the background, but of course after everything else had been cut-off it sprang to my eyes.

Still I did never look at or load this picture on my home laptop, how was it able to come into my cache, why was it exactly the only picture displaying me, why was exactly the part cut off not displaying me, and how could it have been locally replace exactly the group picture of a group dealing with surveillance and secret computer access through the internet having an image with a caption I SEE YOU.
That is just too much of a coincidence.

But finally I figured it out (even if it still remains a kind of mystery).
Since I wanted to find a picture of my that badly, the day before, and since I in fact was displayed on one picture I already uploaded on my blog, I somehow must have triggered these events subconsciously. I think that a friendly spirit or dragon put it there for me to find, and cut off the rest of the picture to make it easy for me to find myself on it.
Still many spirits are very playful and that's why it consciously took exactly this location to show it to me, so that I would worry all morning long and get paranoia. Apart from that you must not forget that today is Halloween, a day where spirits are exceptionally strong and on which the gate to the spirit world is thinner than on other days, this gave the spirit/dragon the possibility to modify my computer in this large scale.
Reconsidering, because of that the morning was really exciting and I had a lot of intense feelings and experience. So it was really cool, to first get all hyped up about it. I am really grateful to this nice spirit :) He really gave me an awesome day and after all a really cool story to tell.

Finally apart from showing the phenomenon to Hung Lun, I took a screenshot and saved the webpage on my harddisk, when it was displaying me, instead of Security Minister Schaeuble. Here's the screenshot:

Weakening the foundations of our unromantic, cold, static image of our beautiful world


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