Friday, 14 September 2007

防災訓練 Disaster Practice

This morning the whole tower, I am working in, had a disaster practice scheduled. It has been planned 1 month ahead and worked out to the last detail, like everything Japanese ;)
If this would work with real catastrophes, I cannot tell.

Anyway Friday the 14th at 9:45 o'clock a tower wide speaker announced that the earth quake has started and that the tower is shaking. It took us 15 min to row up behind our reference persons and then we started to climb down the tower. We are in the 22th floor, so it was quite a lot of stairs. Of course the elevators were broken because of the earthquake. For my part I loved it, and I don't mind stairs at all.

escaping our floor

and running down the stairs

When we reached the bottom a special disaster prevention police officer was already waiting for us guiding us to the next exit. Leaving the tower, we saw a lot more of these special officers who where guiding the crowd. We were lead to a large meadow close to the tower and gathered, where there was an officer holding a huge sign saying 22th floor. Apart from that every team had their own colored flags to not get confused ^=^
I loved it, but I must admit that it was done like we would do it in kindergarten or elementary school ;).

special disaster police units

following / protecting our team's flag carrier

I was amazed to see for the first time how many people were really working in the AXT tower. And everywhere were those officers checking that everything works fine.

After they held a very long speech thanking everyone for participating and reminding how important it is to keep disastrous scenarios in mind, we were allowed to go back to our workplaces.

many officers with special head gear for maintaining order and checking that all people have escaped safely

Our team 22F

and here's our boss Owa-san, we apparently made a good escape

there are many many people in the AXT tower

...which collapsed, because of the earth quake

after they closed the exercise with a long speech, everyone hurried back to their work and the place we gathered at quickly became empty again

However the organizers had some more voluntary exercises to offer. They prepared a fake fire in the court and a lot of fire extinguishers for trying them out. Alas they were only filled with water, it was fun though.
The officer who demonstrated the usage to us, screamed 火事, 火事 (Fire! Fire!) and stormed to the fire trying to extinguish it with that little tiny beam of water.
Of course being a good boy, I did exactly the same &_&. Well maybe a bit more melodramatically.

the fire

the officer demonstrating the usage

me and Ryan fighting Zombies, ahem fire I mean

the alternate fire included a shotgun against Zombies

Afterwards they made another demonstration with the fire hose.

Back inside the tower they had some emergency equipment like rations displayed. They even displayed an emergency toilet ^=^

But they forgot the most important thing emergency ice-cream. After a fire everyone will be hungry and wants ice-cream. And of course emergency ice-cream prevents cannibalism, because as we have learned from movies, people start eating each other after disasters.
Ryan remarked to also distribute shotguns in the case of Zombies. They like disasters and often pop up unexpected and then you wish you had brought your shotgun.
So Ryan and me practiced how to hold the fire extinguisher in one and a theoretical shotgun in the other hand, fighting fire ans Zombies simultaneously.

And fighting back both the Zombies and the fire and the earthquake, we finally made it back to the 22 floor and could safely resume working, always glancing over our backs now and then though.

fighting against Zombies, fires and earthquakes
and distributing emergency ice-cream


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