Saturday, 29 September 2007

銀座 Ginza

銀座 Ginza

Being in 日比谷 (Hibiya) and having the whole evening, we decided to look at the famous shopping district 銀座 (Ginza). With its huge buildings and streets, 銀座 gives some marvelous feelings to humans. You feel like being in some kind of movie and it is more than enough to just browse and stare into the shops.

However there are two things beside browsing that you can do.


There is a huge Sony skyscraper, where Sony presents all there gadgets and devices to everyone for free. It is like a technical museum, where you are allowed to touch and try out every single piece. They also have a whole floor dedicated to blue ray discs and HD format. Don't miss the hidden cinema on this floor, where they present HD format and blue ray discs with some movie previews.
It is nice to play around a bit with those toys, but it is not special or amazing enough to justify a trip to 日比谷. If you however are already there, like we were, you should definitely go there.

Apple Store

From Sony to Apple, Apple also had a really nice store, where you could try out all the Apple products, just like in the Sony building. They have even a whole cinema floor, where depending on current special events, cool things are displayed.
In our case, the day was dedicated to young artists, which could present their artistic movies in this cinema. In our case we watched a movie about water. It had some interesting aspects, but altogether I did not enjoy it. The water music effects were so repetitive they hurt and some other visual parts also did not match so much for my opinion. Manu agrees with me, Youngki slept and 欽也さん (Kinya) left the room.

There are probably more things to discover, but we were tired from the long day and therefore decided to call it a day.

exhausted and trying to work up the impression of the day

the big pedestrian crossing

Can you see the apple building?

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