Friday, 7 September 2007

扁桃腺炎 Tonsillitis

扁桃腺炎 Tonsillitis

Even though these are not mine, mine must have looked like this for about the last week. Last Saturday, the 1st of September, right when my friend from Germany, Manu, arrived I got infected with this sickness.

The first day I just thought that my throat had hurt a little and that I felt a little week, however by the end of Monday I looked up the internet for my symptoms and recognized that they exactly fit tonsillitis (expect for fever). And Manu and me also found out that it is infect highly infectious. Oh no!
Right calm down! So the first thing I did, was to use one of this masks every Japanese person uses, when she gets sick.

マスク Mask

The other interns the next day at work told me I was the first foreigner they had seen weiring a mask like this &_&. Well but since it was highly infectious, I still had bad feelings about going to work. Yet I wanted out babysitter, internship coordinator Shieri, to go with me to the hospital and check if it is something serious and what I can do against it. Ah yes to the hospital, all doctors in Japan are to be found in the hospital. So if you want to get a medicine against your cold, you go to the hospital.
She was very busy that day, so we could only go in the afternoon. Thus I tried to avoid human contact as good as possible, but realized that if it was infectious chances that Manu the friend who was staying with me at least would get it...

病院 Hospital

So to the hospital we went. There I had to fill out all kinds of application forms, just like they recently introduced at German doctor's. Afterwards we had to wait for a little more, then my fever was taken (arm method) and we were let through to one of the doctors. He spoke only Japanese and I could not catch everything, but at least the most important parts. And for the others Shieri accompanied me ^=^.
Weeeehw! Even though he said it is in fact tonsillitis, it is a very light form. That means it is not caused by bacterial infection, but by viruses and a weak immune system. So that makes it non-infectious and easier to heal. For recovery the doctor said I should take an 嗽薬 a medicine to gurgle and a broad selection of pills.
Thus we got to the pharmacy next door, also in the hospital. When I asked what the pills were for, the sales person looked strange at me and said I would not need to care, since I should take all of them one piece three times a day, expect these ones two pieces three times a day. When I asked Shieri she also said something like it would only be dangerous to know what they are for...

錠剤 Pills

I hate chemical medicine, but since I didn't want to be a nuisance for Manu for much longer, I decided to just take those stupid pills. The effect of the pills was also interesting: I am not experienced with pills, but at least these pills made me feel like floating through the air and moving/thinking at a higher pace and concentration than normal people. They must have had their reasons for not telling me about the tablets ;)
The downside was that I couldn't sleep good. Manu told me that I awoke several times a night frightened, screaming and jumping into the corner of my bed crouching and hiding from evil forces. He found it very cute...

Still it took me until the end of the week, until I finally recovered. Just in time to partake in our first two travels in Japan together... :)

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