Thursday, 10 January 2008

誕生日 Birthday

Aye from time to time your humble reporter carries one more year on his back. And he was really moved, because the other interns made a party for him.

フルーツパーティ Fruits Party

And since "a party", like "any party", would be boring, they added a theme/topic/task to it. It was to become a fruits party "fruits from all over the world". So every one joining the party would bring some fruits or make something out of fruits or at least bring some juice.

The result was quite amazing. A lot of people brought fruits, so that our chefs could prepare awesome decorated plates, as you can see in the picture below.

Of course I also did not come empty handed and prepared my miraculous mega tasty ultra fruits salad version 7. Having made quite some fruit salads I can make them quite yummy. Here's what you need:

フルーツサラダ Fruit Salad

果物 Fruits
りんご Apples
バナナ Banana
キーウィ Kiwi
みかん Mandarin
そのほか Add more fruits as you like

味見 Spices
シナモン Cinnamon
バニラ Vanilla
ハニー Honey
メープルシロップ Maple Syrup
ミルク Milk

First cut the fruit and put it into a large bowl. Then add the spices, wait a little, that the fruit can absorb a bit of the spices and then add some milk (not too much). Mix it to let the milk catch the not absorbed spices and spread it evenly across the rest of the fruits.

Apart from that and the awesome decorated plates, Boy from Thailand brought a very special fruit. Durian, the king of the fruits! As you just read, apart from its undisputed title and size it is forbidden in some places, because of its disgusting smell. I don't think it is that bad, however admit it to be really intense. Boy brought some Durian pieces, cake/cookies and chips.

Pieces Of Durian

Eventually they turned the lights of and handed me a Birthday Cake saying Happy Birthday in chorus =D

I also got a hedgehog CD holder, cocoa, cookies and the Anime Akira on DVD, quite cool!

The party went on much like every other party, except that it was probably much more healthy than most parties, because of our large fruits buffet.

バースでぃ お好み焼き Birthday Okonomiyaki

My good friend and 遍路 pilgrim partner Hong Lun, had another surprise for me at work. Since both of us usually cook and prepare something for the lunch break at work, we also eat together. So on my birthday, without me knowing it, he cook for me. Since it was lunch time, he couldn't bake cake (we are further missing any oven), so he made お好み焼き Okonomiyaki. Since you usually add mayonnaise on top, he used it to write Happy Birthday (see picture!).
That's so cute! My whole day was great, because of this :). Since it was quite large we ate and enjoyed it together ^=^

鏡餅 Kagamimochi (New Year Mochi)

Finally 里美さん Satomi-san, a really nice coworker of me and Hong Lun, who often joins us for lunch and also brings self-cooked stuff, gave me yet another present at work. After 正月 (New Year holiday) she brought some 鏡餅 to work, which we enjoyed together. 餅 Mochi is a very sticky meshed rice paste, which you can eat with something sweet like Anko (sweet bean paste). Because I liked it a lot and because she noticed me using natural ingredients for my lunch (e.g. 玄米 genmai Natural Rice), she gave me something very special. 玄米餅 Mochi made from natural rice. They are incredible healthy and have a lot more taste than 白米餅 white rice mochi. Really nice =D

人形劇 Puppet Theater

Not enough I also got something from a special friend who studied with me in Germany. The day after the 遍路 pilgrimage, I decided to take a half-day holiday to recover some strength. As Fortuna blessed me, just at this day came a real packet for me right to my door! (Getting it yourself would have been quite a nuisance) It contained a complete set of a puppet theater with Kasperl, the thief, the crocodile, the grandmother, the king and queen, the witch, the wizard, the ghost and the fool. All to be played with finger (finger puppets). I was so surprised and touched, that I can't put it in words! That's probably the most romantic present I have ever gotten =D

音楽と物語 Music and Fairy Tales

Before my birthday I already got two very nice presents from two other very dear friends. Two music cds with self designed covers and a little tape with a wonderful story of a little king. For the tape I got to a second hand store and got their last ancient Walkman, which they had.They thought they'd never sell it. Then I got home, put in batteries, plugged in ear plugs, hid below my blanket in my bed. And listened to the story already half dreaming...
dwelling in dreams...

Thank you all my wonderful friends! I love all of you by heart! Please feel hugged by me how ever far you might be away!

your friend eternally

追伸 P.S.
In preparation for the pilgrimage, we went to a cool store called "workman's store". In short that means high quality cloths (resistant to work conditions) for a very low price. So I got this 80s outfit for 2000 Yen (12 Euro) and came with a fit hair style ^^

ok ok the sock-shoes don't fit, I know.

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