Saturday, 1 March 2008

Arrested By The Police For Drug Dealing In Osaka

This weekend was full of crazy encounters.
After we slept the whole day after the disco, we decided to go to a game center Saturday night. There is a all you can play game center, in which you have unlimited credits, all kinds of cool video game machines and even pool and darts.

To give you an example of (Japanese) arcades:
You will find racing simulators, where you sit in a car with steering wheel and gas pedals,
you will find shooting games, where you carry and operate a plastic gun,
you will find dancing games, where you hop on a mat,
you will find fighting games, where you operate a mech,
you will find party games, where you have to push buttons reacting faster than your opponent,
you will find musical games, where you have to play drums, keyboard, guitar and other instruments,
well and pool, darts and many more.

So it was quite fun and we played until 2 am. On our way back we stumbled across a drawer. A nice and new looking piece of furniture. When we were just thinking of carrying it all the 30 min walk to the Youth Heim, since it was standing next to garbage. The owner came and told us we could take it.
So we did. And we walked for almost an hour through the sleeping and quiet city of Atusgi , carrying this drawers. People still awake were looking at us all the way. No furniture place has open 2 am, and why would 4 foreigners carry such a thing through the middle of the city. Probably they thought we were furniture burglars. Now furniture burglaring is a really ungrateful business. We had to carry it for almost an hour, and it was a real pain in the ass.

When we were almost there, we decided to make a brief stop at a Konbini, so we placed the drawer down and went for some refreshment. When we went out again we rested at the drawer. When suddenly a guy was intensely looking at us. He just got out of his cab and went to buy cigarettes at the Konbini. We laughed at his reaction to our drawer, when he finally got into the cab. But as soon as the cab started moving it stopped again and the guy looked out again at us. Then it drove on, but made a turn and came back. Finally the guy stepped out again and this time went right at us, shouting "Konban ha" (Good Evening).
I replied dutifully "Konban ha", a big mistake as we will soon see.
He asked me if I had any 麻薬 drugs and I did not understand at first what he meant, I only learned the word once back in school. Then he asked me for Marijuana and I replied that I don't have any. He didn't believe me, told us he was an officer from the Osaka criminal police department and started touching me, looking for drugs. I felt really uncomfortable and asked for his police badge. He looked for it, telling me that he has seen my face on a wanted picture in Osaka, and that I was a drug dealer. I replied I am innocent and have never dealt drugs in Osaka or whereever and (to myself) and you are drunk like hell old guy.
Eventually after my friends supported me in saying that I was a good guy, the police officer touched his balls and said "I have chicchai balls (tiny balls), you have okkii balls (giant balls)". I pretended not to understand him, to avoid going further in a conversation like this. Then he started touching me again, saying it's alright, he was probably mistaken and that I am a good guy after all. He touched me maybe for 5 times, then he touched Ryan and then he eventually left us alone, going back into the cab.

Damn I was really frightened. He really made the impression of being from the police, but he might have also been a drunk pervert or both. In the end, I guess I was really lucky to have been there with 3 friends, I don't know what would have happened otherwise.

So yes in the end I did not get arrested because of drug dealing, but it was close.
On the way home, the day was really crazy, we found a bike in the dumpster having a flat tire. So three of us continued carry the drawer, while Brian being without working bike, took it and we went home.

so be careful out there, and don't talk to drunken police officers

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