Sunday, 9 March 2008

新宿ゴールデン街 Shinjuku Golden Gai

My friend Lukas told me of a little part of Shinjuku called the ゴールデン街 Golden Gai (where Gai, pronounced like guy means street), which has not changed since after WWII some barracks and wooden and sheet metal shacks were erected.

So compared to the huge and magnificent sky scrapers of Shinjuku, the Golden Gai offers a healthy contrast to this scenery. Nowadays most of the little shacks have been turned into wonderful dreamy little bars, where no more than maybe 4 or 5 people can fit in.

Since the ground in central Shinjuku is of course worth a lot, many parties have tried to close those bars gather the ground and use it for hotels or other worthy businesses. But till present day the bar owners all having their own artistic quality could defend this small but renowned area.

If you happen to come by Shinjuku, be sure to pay it a visit as long as it still exists. Of course the best time would be at night, where all the little bars are open :)


Preetam Rai said...

Thanks for posting this. Am in Tokyo in couple of weeks and will surely drop by here.

Vilwarin said...

I'm glad my Blog is helpful for someone :) Be sure to enjoy Tokyo!