Sunday, 1 June 2008

厚木見物第五: 郵便局 Atsugi City Tour Part 5: Post Office

郵便局 Post Office

Welcome to more useful information about the town Atsugi in the Kanagawa prefecture.
Since I presume many people, who will read this Blog are foreigners staying in Atsugi, they might sooner or later want to send some packages overseas to their home or family. So I'd like to give you some information about post offices in Atsugi.

There are enough post offices, that you doesn't make sense telling you the location of all of the offices. There should be one near you, just ask someone living in your area for the next post office:

tsugi no yuubinkyoku ha doko desu ka?
Where is the next post office?

What you can do at any of those post offices:
- withdraw money from oversea accounts (usually not possible in banks)
- transfer money to oversea accounts (also usually only possible here)
- get stamps
- send letters, post cards
- send air mail and SAL packages

Useful enough. But there is one thing you might sooner or later want to do: Sea Mail.
Now I went to several post offices only to be sent away with: "We're sorry, but we don't do Sea Mail". So I did a little research and found there is only one single post office in Atusgi accepting sea mail packages: the main store (郵便局本局 Yuubinkyoku Honkyoku)

Now sea mail might be really slow and take between 2-3 months to arrive, but it is significantly cheaper and you will have some things to send home that are not urgent. SAL and air mail can cost up to four times the price of sea mail.

Long story short, here's a Google Map, where I pinpointed the post office main store:
郵便局本局 Post Office Main Store

Last but not least, some vocabulary, you might need:

Air Mail 航空便 koukuubin
Sea Mail 船便 funabin
Stamps for overseas 外国のため切手 gaikoku no tame kitte
post card 葉書 hagaki
letter 手紙 tegami
destination address 届け先 todoke saki
sender 差出人 sashidashinin
how long does it take to arrive いつぐらい着きますか。 itsu gurai tsukimasuka?
Good Luck and tell me when you need help


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