Saturday, 21 June 2008

SquareEnix Show Case

Today I was invited to a Summer Solstice party in the evening, but before that, I decided to browse a bit through things I have not seen yet in Tokyo.

My target was the legendary SquareEnix Show Case hidden in 新宿 Shinjuku between the huge 東京都庁 Tokyo Metropolitan Office and the at least as huge Opera City Tower.

SquareEnix Show Case

You can probably notice the store already from afar by the people standing in front or around it. In the inside you will find even more of them, most Final Fantasy Fans, sometimes even wearing Cosplay.

The interior is not big, but there are quite some cool items displayed. In the entrance hall you can find plush figures of all kinds of Final Fantasy Monsters, little collectible figures and the newest Games and Soundtracks.

In the rear is a small corridor where you can find pretty cool T-Shirts which are priced around 7000 Yen.

The main eye catching attraction is a special somewhat higher room in the rear, completely clad in black. Inside you can find the outfit of Final Fantasy characters made for Real Life wearing.

Looks pretty awesome, huh?
(sorry for the flash)

There is also a real life sized Sephiroth puppet buried in a coffin lying in the ground.

Apart from that, you can find all kinds of awesome but expensive jewelry and figures in here.

That's it, not much to see, but definitely worth a visit, since it is free and since there is quite a bit to see. Also the collectible figures I mentioned at the beginning are only between 300 and 500 Yen and thus affordable and a nice Omiyage (Present for friends) or for yourself ^_^.


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