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東京時間凍結再興 Resurrection Tokyo Time Freeze

時間凍結 Time Freeze

Many of you will surely have seen the video of the Time Freeze in New York Grand Central Station, but if not have a look right here:

Frozen Grand Central

Looks preety awesome doesn't it? I found this video created a world wide movement to perform similar random meetings and after a while I was able to find one in Tokyo too.

東京時間凍結再興 Resurrection Tokyo Time Freeze

So there were some girls and guys in the internet planning a time freeze event for Tokyo and I was eager to join in. But the more the merrier, so I advertised for the event at work and was able to convince most of the other interns in joining either as actor or as photographer.

We met in Yoyogi Park near Harajuku and got briefed by the organizers. we would make two Time Freezes, one in 竹下通 Takeshitadoori in Harajuku, and another one in 八子 Hachiko in Shibuya 2 hours later. There was still 1 hour to the first one, and we watched some of the strange creatures living in Yoyogi Park, like Elvis Presley performers, a Kendo group and a Japanese / Scottish back piper.

from left to right: mark, mika, alex

mission briefing


and a back piper

原宿凍結 Harajuku Freeze

The location was badly selected. While being the most popular spot in Harajuku, 竹下通 Takeshitadoori is crowded like hell, especially on weekends. So even though we froze neatly in time, the frozen people were only a tiny fraction of the ever on moving crowd, and therefore hardly noticeable. Anyway some curious people stopped and wondered, why there is a couple of people frozen in time.

too many people to ...

notice two guys with a map

video 01

I performed together with Mark holding a map from Atsugi and a Compass wondering where we were. Some crossing people uttered a surprised "Atsugi?!", when they saw us and our map. But when they saw that we didn't move and were frozen, they didn't bother offering us some help. Some other people posed for a picture, and just when the photographer pressed the button, all of them froze in time. Brian froze reading a book, Marko and Satsuki walking holding hands, Ningning taking a picture and Pedro walking with some friend.

note the sign in the upper left corner

video 02

渋谷凍結 Shibuya Freeze

Two hours later we found each other again in Shibuya, where the next freeze was going to happen. We gathered in front of the station in 八子 Hachiko right in front of the 交番 police box, daring as we were. When the signal came again everybody froze into time. This time with less people around, we could draw much more attention and a lot of people took pictures of us and asked us what we are doing. Of course they didn't get an answer, since we were frozen in time.

This time me and Mark borrowed Alex Frisbee, Alex was taking pictures, and we started throwing the Frisbee to each other. When the signal came we froze with Mark just in the moment of throwing the Frisbee to me and me ready to catch. When we unfroze Mark actually was able to throw the Frisbee from his pose and me luckily able to catch it. What a show! Brian this time lost some money and started to pick it up, when he froze in time. Marko and Satsuki were again performing together and Pedro was playing Rock Paper Scissors (Jankenpo) with some guy.

ningning wondered what was going on, when she froze

brian was picking up some money, when he froze

Pedro lost when the time froze

marko said, someone looked in his bag, while they were frozen

mark threw the Firsbee when we unfroze


It was a lot of fun and a great day. My thanks to the great organizers, who made this possible. One single remark of criticism is, that because we were somewhat between 200 and 400 people, the organizers decided to split us into three groups. I think this decisions was bad, because all acting together would have given a much more incredible picture of so many people freezing together at the same time.

pictures from the second Harajuku Freeze group

Anyway it was really great, and I am also grateful for the video and the sideshow, the organizers put together:

Slide Show


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