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厚木見物第六: スーパー Atsugi City Tour Part 6: Super Markets

Good Day Ladies and Sirs,

today I will give you some overview of where to get your groceries in Atsugi. The prices between supermarkets vary really much, and it is advisable to pick a cheap one, that satisfies your needs and offers enough quality. Let's see what we have in this town. I will order them by average prize from cheapest to most expensive.

1. 100 Yen Grocery Super Market

Going westwards from the north exit of the station following the rail tracks, you can get to a 100 Yen store specializing in groceries. It is the cheapest you can find, but the selection is quite limited and the quality is not really the best. Anyway it offers a lot other supermarket offer too to much cheaper prices.

My advice is to start a grocery shopping spree here and then get what you are still missing at another supermarket nearby.

I recommend buying spices here

they also have some cleaning utensils

2. 100 Yen Miscellaneous Stuff Store

Another very useful store can be found in イトーヨーカドー (Itouyoukadou). Like the previous store it is a 100 Yen store, but it focuses on every day life articles, instead of food. That means here you can get all kinds of pen & paper articles, tape, wrapping paper, tools, pots, cutlery, cups, glasses and all kinds of cooking utensils. But also rain coats, bike repair stuff, and outdoor equipment. It is really useful stuff and you are going to save a lot of money buying it here.





pen & paper articles

lunch boxes

3. イトーヨーカドー Itouyoukadou

In the Basement of イトーヨーカドー Itouyoukadou you can find another super market. It offers a good selection and the cheapest prices after the 100 Yen Super Market. The Quality is also ok.

4. Saty

In the Basement of Saty you can find the super market in Atusgi with the broadest selection and best quality. However the prices are higher than in イトーヨーカドー Itouyoukadou and a shopping spree here can cost you a lot. Still it was my most frequently visited super market, since I was able to find almost anything I needed here.

real pasta and tomato sauce

good selection of Japanese tea

I always bought my rice here: 1 kg, 2kg or even 5 kg

lots of fresh vegetables and fruits

however concerning fruits Bananas are the only affordable fruit in Japan

sauces for Yakisoba or Okonomiyaki (see my recipies category)

paste for Miso soup

Yaki Soba

cheap non genetically engineered Tofu

and Nato

5. Kimisawa

This super market's selection is worse than the previous two and the prices are the highest in Atusgi. However it lies conveniently close to the Youth Heim, Asahi Kasei interns are stationed in. Therefore it's your best choice, when living in 岡田 Okada and needing something very quickly or being to lazy to go all the way to the city center.

6. My Lord Food Market

In the basement of My Lord (right below Hon Atsugi Station) you can find a lot of stores. But two of the stick out and are worth mentioning, because the offer imported goods from all parts of the world. For example you can find real müsli (muesli) and cheese there. Apart from that my shopping list there contained: herbal tea, olives (other super markets have them, but here they a big jar is only 200Yen), mustard, and sweets from other countries.


a good selection of sweets

and imported goods like Sauerkraut or Pickles

I always bought my muesli here


has affordable olives

a good selection of jam

and a lot of tea (also fair trade organic tea!)

7. 晴れ屋 The Sunshine Store

Mentioned before in the first part of the Atsugi City Tour, the fair trade store close to Saty and Parco also offers a nice variety of food. The prices are a little higher than those at Saty or Itouyoukadou, but the quality is of course the best (organic food), you are buying fair trade (the people planting and harvesting the food get your money) and you can even find a lot of Items, you will not find elsewhere (e.g. vegetable soup stock, vegetable curry, ...)

apples are actually cheaper than in Saty

地図 Map

I prepared a Google Map, to show you the locations of the super markets. You can find it here.

Feel free to edit it and add your own recommendations, also be sure to add them here in the comments! :)

Good Shopping, Good Cooking, Good Eating

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