Sunday, 3 February 2008


For the third time in history the term Gothic, originally a European tribe accounted for the downfall of the western roman empire and henceforth used as a derogatory term for uncivilized, unmannered, cultureless and tasteless made its revival for a movement mainly among young people.


NaturalWater said...

Something is always touching the boundary of human being's nature.i think that's mika you like.^^

Vilwarin said...

yeah you are probably right, that's what's fascinating me ^_^
But also a lot more, whenever I open my eyes I see fascinating things everywhere, when I open my ears I hear wonders, when I touch my surroundings I marvel, when I allow smells into my nose I guess what they might come from, when I cook or be served I ask myself about the large variety of tastes and when I open my heart I sense the most amazing things in humans. :)