Wednesday, 6 February 2008

パスタサラダ Pasta Salad

This week we celebrated the Chinese and Korean New Year! For that yet another time we decided a cultural cuisine exchange. That means every party guest will prepare some typical dish from her/his home country and bring it to the party.

My German coworker also intended to join the party and suggested pasta salad. Pasta salad might not be exactly a "traditional German" dish, but in the last 40 years it grew into a traditional "bring a long dish" for German parties. As I heard from other interns in most countries it is quite rare to make parties were people bring dishes a long. One reason why such parties are popular are probably Germany's insanely high restaurant prices.

Anyway with a little financial support from my German coworker I made the following really delicious pasta salad:


材料 Ingreedients
パスタ Pasta (spiral or macaroni)
きゅうり Cucumber (at least 2, when taking Japanese sized ones)
コーン corn (1缶 can)
グリーンピース green peas (1缶 can)
トマト cherry/cocktail tomatoes (the small ones)
ねぎ spring onion
玉ねぎ onion
人参 carrot
クリームチーズ cream cheese
ヨーグルト yogurt (tasteless neutral)
マヨネーズ mayonnaise
酢 vinegar
塩 salt
胡椒 pepper

作り方 preparation

Boil the pasta in water with a bit of oil and salt and/or vegetable stock, until it has a good bite.

While the pasta is boiling start cutting the vegetables. Cut the tomatoes in half, the cucumber and carrot and the onion in cubes. Cut the spring onion in slices and half them. Cut the cream cheese also into cubes, if yours is consistent enough.

Then prepare the "dressing" in a big bowl: Put in the yogurt and add the mayonnaise and the vinegar. Then mix it well. Add some salt and pepper and continue mixing.

Now we will wait until the pasta has the rite bite. Then we put the pasta in a sieve to get rid of the water and put them above the "dressing". Then we do "undermixing", that is mixing while trying to get the "dressing" on top and the pasta to the bottom. Finally we put in the cut vegetables together with the corn and the peas.

Tada! If you can find some chive (I couldn't in Japan) then you can put some fresh cut chive on top of the salad. You can serve it with the pasta still warm, but it usually is served cold and tastes cold as good as warm.

Guten Appettit!

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