Friday, 15 February 2008

焼きそば Yakisoba

A very nice coworker of mine shared her basic 焼きそば Yakisoba recipe with me. 焼きそば Yakisoba are very popular in Japan. Especially on festivals and other outside activities you are abound to find people sell them everywhere and I must agree that they are very delicious.

So let's make our own!

材料 Ingredients
We need:

焼きそば Yakisoba (as far as I can tell these are preeboiled noodles very similar to your ordinary spaghetti, yet a bit thicker. Just take the most similar you can find to thick spaghetti and preboil them until they are soft).
キャベツ cabbage
人参 carrots
しょうが Ingwer
ニンニク garlic
ネギ spring onion
もやし soy sprouts
粉 flour

とんかつソース Tonkatasu Sauce (the easiest to find is the one with a Bull-Dog on top. Again if you can't find it, try experimenting with combining black vinegar, corn starch and some vegetable stock or get the exact recipe for the sauce online). The English name for the sauce is Worcestershire Sauce.

作り方 preparation
We prepare it in three steps:

(1) At step one we cut the vegetables as small as you like them and fry them with oil in a pan.

(2) Step 2 we put the preboiled spaghetti in a bowl add some flour, water, oil water and some of the sauce. Then we mix everything thoroughly and fry the noodles like this in a pan.

(3) Now we combine the two and fry them a little more together adding some more sauce on top.

できた! Done!


At festivals you will usually find a simplified version containing only the noodles, ginger and cabbage.

However when preparing 焼きそば at home there are almost no limits to what you can add. Try adding vegetables you like.

For non-vegetarians, when preparing 焼きそば at home, Japanese like to add either 海老 shrimps, 豚肉 pork, or both. Just add them in step 1.

頑張ってください! Ganbatte kudasai!

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